SLO Brew is Live on Spotify

We wouldn’t be SLO Brew without the music. That’s why we simply say “It’s Rockin’ Good Beer”. From the songs we listen to while crafting beer in the brewery to live artists at our concert venues, music is behind what’s brewing at SLO Brew.

In celebration of our live entertainment and brewing history on the central coast, we’re bringing the music beyond our live venues with crafted Spotify playlists inspired by our SLO Brew beers.

Check out these spotify playlists to pair with your next SLO Brew beer:

  • From rockin’ good beer to a rockin’ good concert, these are the upcoming artists performing live shows at our SLO Brew Downtown and Rock venues. Follow this playlist to discover new talent coming through San Luis Obispo. Hear an artist you love? To purchase tickets to their show visit:


  • A great surf session is always made better with music. That’s why SLO Brew is not only providing you with the perfect beer to finish off your session, we’ve also wrangled together our favorite surf rock artists into one playlist for the perfect soundtrack to your beach day.


  • Our Original Blonde Ale is the reason behind why SLO Brew is called called a “Rockin’ Good Beer”. In celebration of our classic favorite, we’ve put all of our classic rock favorites into one rockin’ good playlist to enjoy with our easy-going ale.


  • Both experimental and old-school, our hip-hop playlist serves up tracks as fresh as our hops. From our first batch of hops in 1988 to now, listen through decades-worth of the most iconic artists that accompanied our brewing. 


    • Our one-of-a-kind Reggae Red ale was born at our brewpub amidst influential musical acts of California’s 90’s reggae movement. We’ve put together a playlist of the reggae artists then and now, that influenced the harmony of seven different malts, three types of hops, and a dash of hemp seeds that make Reggae Red a crowd pleaser.


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