Stoke the Vote

SLO Brew Rock
855 Aerovista Place, San Luis Obispo, CA
February 22, 2020
 | Ages: 21+

Event Information

We are teaming up with none other than SLO Brew Rock and our loving partners Stoke The World to bring you STOKE THE VOTE!

This event is a non-partisan, rock and roll focused effort to get you up and into the voting booth (with a lil dancing in between)

Whether you're in favor oompa loompas, space aliens, or the right to bobsled naked, all should take advantage of the right our nation provides to voice your opinion at the polls🇺🇸

In our experience, there's no better way to inspire community activism and bipartisan booty-shaking than some GOOD MUSIC! Luckily, we got the plug on that!

So come out Saturday, February 22nd to SLO Brew Rock where you'll find music, art, workshops, performers, raffles, art auctions, voter registration signups, and of course, festival level production!

The Event Center is open after 5 PM at which point admission is ticketed and 21+

Join us before 5 PM at NO COST!

Graphic by Sam Shin