The Traffic Separating Device - SLO Film Fest at SLO Brew Rock

SLO Brew Rock
855 Aerovista Place, San Luis Obispo, CA
March 17, 2019

Event Information

The Traffic Separating Device will air at the SLO Brew Rock Event Center on Sunday, March 17th at 4PM for the 25th SLO International Film Festival. 

Sponsored by Joan Sargen and Filipponi Ranch Vineyard

A device installed in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden is supposed to keep cars from driving into a bus-only lane. But well-intentioned designers and city council members didn’t foresee the tragi-comedy that was about to unfold, as hundreds of drivers miss the posted warnings and end up in big trouble. 15 min. Sweden

Director: Johan Palmgren
Writers: Johan Palmgren, Julian Antell and Mattias Grosin
Producer: Johan Palmgren

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