SLO Brew Expands Distribution to Southern California

SLO Brew’s craft beers are making their way down to Southern California for 2018. A selection of the most celebrated brews will be available in both cans and on draft at select locations throughout San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. In celebration of the expansion, Common Theory Public House held a launch… Read more »

SLO Brew is Live on Spotify

We wouldn’t be SLO Brew without the music. That’s why we simply say “It’s Rockin’ Good Beer”. From the songs we listen to while crafting beer in the brewery to live artists at our concert venues, music is behind what’s brewing at SLO Brew. In celebration of our live entertainment and brewing history on the… Read more »

Interview with Clara Miglioli of Fémina

SLO Brew sits down with one of the leads of the group Fémina for an interview Fémina is a beautifully unique trio from Patagonia, South America. Their mix of styles makes them unlike other bands as they intertwine poetry, funk, hip-hop and reggae styles together. SLO Brew recently had the chance to sit down with the… Read more »

The Walcotts Sit Down with SLO Brew for an Interview

The Walcotts are an American Rock’n’Roll band that have soul, jazz, country, and blues rooted into their music. While their male-female harmony vocals are backed by horns, pedal-steel, fiddles, and piano, they are certain to keep their music familiar feeling, yet fresh and energetic.  SLO Brew is hosting a show with The Walcotts, and were… Read more »


SLO Brew Begins Distributing its Core Beer Lineup in 12 oz. Cans in California Press Release  Dec. 13, 2016 at 1:47 PM San Luis Obispo, CA – Beginning December 15th, fans of the Central Coast’s original craft brewery will be able to pick up a six-pack of their favorite SLO Brew beer at select retail outlets… Read more »

‘The Rock’ Carrying on SLO Brew Legacy

Bay News writes ‘The Rock’ Carrying on SLO Brew Legacy’. The owners of SLO Brewing Company are getting to be old hats at opening bars. Their new expansion location near the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport, at 855 Aerovista Pl. had a soft opening in March after 18 month in construction, although the 10,204 square-foot… Read more »

All About ‘The Rock’

SLO BREW ROCK TO FEATURE SELF-SERVE TAPS, CANNING AND BOTTLINGS LINES, INCREASED PRODUCTION, PLUS MORE From Food&Beverage Magazine (San Luis Obispo, CA) – As the highly anticipated opening of SLO Brew’s new brewing facility draws closer, San Luis Obispo’s iconic craft brewery continues to tease its fans by revealing tantalizing details of the SLO Brew Rock’s upcoming features. SLO Brew Rock will… Read more »

ATOD Magazine Calls our Lofts the ‘Best Luxury Party Hotel’

The Best Luxury Party Hotel in SLO Beds, Beers, and Bands By Dawn Garcia SLO | Saying “best luxury party hotel” when referring to a place on the Central Coast of California may seem a little unusual but, assuredly, SLO Brew Lofts is legit. Luxury can be defined in many ways but the traditional definition means the state of great comfort… Read more »

The Tribune Writes On the Latest Happenings of SLO Brew

Even with lofts, bar and a new restaurant, SLO Brew has ‘plenty of room to grow’ BY SALLY BUFFALO SLO Brew has opened a restaurant and tasting room at The Rock, its new brewery near the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, while work continues on the concert and event space across the courtyard. The Rock, at 855… Read more »

SLO Brew’s Talent Booking to be Managed by Knitting Factory

New SLO Brew Pub and Performance Venue in Downtown San Luis Obispo Opens in June (San Luis Obispo, CA) – SLO Brew, the longest operating brewpub on California’s Central Coast, is proud to announce that the national entertainment group, Knitting Factory Presents (KFP), will be taking over talent buying duties at SLO Brew. Knitting Factory… Read more »