Interview with Clara Miglioli of Fémina

SLO Brew sits down with one of the leads of the group Fémina for an interview

Fémina is a beautifully unique trio from Patagonia, South America. Their mix of styles makes them unlike other bands as they intertwine poetry, funk, hip-hop and reggae styles together.

SLO Brew recently had the chance to sit down with the lead and ask her a few questions, as we prep to see them live in our downtown pub TOMORROW night!

Please explain the meaning behind your group’s name “Fémina”. 

The name Fémina alludes to the fact that we are an all-female band spreading messages of gender equality. Miglioli explains that Fémina’s mission is about promoting love and equality across culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Fémina’s focus on uplifting women is especially strong.

Explain a brief background of your guys’s relationship together growing up.

Our childhood and teenage years together were wonderful. The Truccos are my sisters – we have known each other since I was 4 years old. We grew up surrounded by nature, in a town where we had a lot of freedom growing up. Everyone knew each other, and the simplicity of the people and those close relationships and trust has helped our artistic potential grow. 

How is is performing in Spanish, to English speaking crowds? How is it that you communicate your song messages to these audiences? 

It’s beautiful to see what happens when we play for an audience that doesn’t speak Spanish. Our songs are written from very strong feelings and they are interpreted and emphasized with a lot of emotion. We like to start each song by letting the audience know what the song is about and why we wrote it. We translate the message when we interpret the song so the audience can live it together with us.

What genre would you categorize yourselves in, if any? 

Our music doesn’t enter in just one defined genre. We like to play with genres and be able to mix them, always using rhyme as the link between them.

Did you always imagine yourselves touring outside of Argentina?

When we started to make music we never imagined that we would have such a rich career. It is always surprising us how the music is introducing us to new countries, that fill us with inspiration. 

How have you seen your music style change over the years? 

I think that as years go by, our music is more and more faithful to the message that we want to communicate, which is the most important thing about a song.

Are you working on anything new right now, and if so who do you see most listening to the new sounds? 

We are really excited about the new songs we are working on. We are working on a new album that will definitely evolve our sound a lot. 

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