SLO Brew Sessions: Blind Melon

Blind Melon is responsible for some of the most memorable and pure-sounding rock music of the ‘90s, due to their stripped-down, rootsy sound. With their reformation in 2007 with singer Travis Warren, Blind Melon picked up with their fans exactly where they left off when they performed at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, CA.  The band… Read more »

Music’s Brewing: An Interview with Blind Melon

In recent years, the tale of Blind Melon has taken a dramatic turn – from an abrupt and tragic end, to a rebirth and reconnection with their legions of dedicated fans. No matter how you slice it, the group was responsible for some of the most memorable and pure- sounding rock music of the ‘90s,… Read more »

SLO Brew opens new Event Center at The Rock

SLO Brew, historically known for it’s craft beer and world-class entertainment, is now opening a second concert venue in San Luis Obispo. The SLO Brew Rock Event Center will officially open it’s doors in September for live programming of national touring artists and premier events.   SLO Brew is kicking off the opening of their… Read more »

SLO Brew to feature local artists in Battle of the Bands Contest

SLO Brew is hosting a Battle of the Bands competition throughout the month of August. The aim of the contest is to highlight local artists and provide them with a platform to share their music on the SLO Brew stage. The bands chosen to battle on the SLO Brew stage are Noach Tangeras Band, Pancho… Read more »

KCPR Venue Review: SLO Brew

The third edition of Venue Reviews from KCPR Cal Poly Radio, takes a look at a venue that is close to home: SLO Brew. Known locally for micro brews and cuisine, SLO Brew doubles as an ideal venue for concerts.   Read here:

SLO Brew Sessions: Fèmina Musica

FÉMINA is a fusion rap group led by three women from Patagonia, characterized by rhythmic poetry, the combination of their musical styles, and the vigor of their live performances. The trio played an acoustic live set for SLO Brew Sessions inside of our downtown SLO Brew Lofts in San Luis Obispo. SLO Brew Sessions is a video… Read more »

SLO Brew Sessions: Chase McBride

Chase McBride, an independent singer-songwriter based out of San Francisco, plays for SLO Brew Sessions on the roof of our downtown SLO Brew Lofts in San Luis Obispo. SLO Brew Sessions is a video series featuring artists who perform live concerts at SLO Brew in an intimate, acoustic setting.

SLO Brew is Live on Spotify

We wouldn’t be SLO Brew without the music. That’s why we simply say “It’s Rockin’ Good Beer”. From the songs we listen to while crafting beer in the brewery to live artists at our concert venues, music is behind what’s brewing at SLO Brew. In celebration of our live entertainment and brewing history on the… Read more »

Interview with Clara Miglioli of Fémina

SLO Brew sits down with one of the leads of the group Fémina for an interview Fémina is a beautifully unique trio from Patagonia, South America. Their mix of styles makes them unlike other bands as they intertwine poetry, funk, hip-hop and reggae styles together. SLO Brew recently had the chance to sit down with the… Read more »

The Walcotts Sit Down with SLO Brew for an Interview

The Walcotts are an American Rock’n’Roll band that have soul, jazz, country, and blues rooted into their music. While their male-female harmony vocals are backed by horns, pedal-steel, fiddles, and piano, they are certain to keep their music familiar feeling, yet fresh and energetic.  SLO Brew is hosting a show with The Walcotts, and were… Read more »